Friday, November 6, 2020

November Bulletin: Tree Lot Sign-Up and Online Degree Exemplification

 Lead article from the November 2020 issue of the bulletin, online now.

Looks like with all the craziness we have been experiencing this year winter decided to show up early. November brings thoughts of winter, Thanksgiving and the tree lot. Many thanks to Don Legatt for organizing another Christmas Tree Lot. Please see information below on how you can help out at the tree lot including tree lot set-up on November 14, drilling and setting up trees when they arrive, helping supervise and label trees with the youth on November 21, and working the tree lot between November 27 and December 19 (or until the tree lot is sold out).

The tree lot will be in the Catholic school parking lot, as it has been in previous years. The trees are ordered, and we are hoping that this will be another stellar year at the tree lot. With a majority of activities delayed or canceled because of the coronavirus, the proceeds from this year’s tree lot will be distributed to multiple recipients, including but not limited to the youth group and the Catholic school, as well as others. Please see how to sign up for the tree lot below: 

Remember to vote pro-life. Please continue to pray for one another, our church and country. Remember to keep the faith!

The council meetings are back, and we are meeting the first Thursday of the month at 7 PM at St. Albert’s parish hall. Great job by Erich Kunzman on recruiting members with his bulletin announcements in both the St. Michael’s and St. Albert’s bulletins.

NOTE: We will be hosting an online Degree Exemplification at the November council meeting. This is for new members AND all you who are first-degree members who want to advance to the third-degree. All are invited! It’s a 30-minute video, and we will start at 7 PM.

God bless, 
Andy Sipple
Grand Knight

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

October Bulletin: Fall News and Events...and a Look Ahead!

Lead article from the October 2020 bulletin, online now.

Fall is in the air, Big Ten football is going to start and St. Michael appeared to have a great fall festivalall good things. On the flip side, the invisible enemy, the coronavirus, had St. Albert cancel their fall festival and the latest casualty is the October Pro-life Dinner. Due to limitations on the availability to meet in a large group the Pro-Life dinner group, led by Jim and Marie Shovelain, opted to cancel this years dinner. Many thanks to Jim and Marie for all if the Pro-Life work they have done over the years. Believe they are approaching 30 years of organizing the Pro-Life dinner. Wow!

You may be wondering what the Knight's have on the docket with multiple events being canceled. The leaves are changing color and the weather is getting cooler meaning that the Christmas tree lot is approaching. As the tree lot is outside and it's tough to cancel Christmas we will be looking for volunteers to help set up, work and take down the tree lot. Look in your inbox for information on the tree lot near the end of October and beginning of November. 

Many thanks go out to our fantastic Deputy Grand Knight Erich Kunzman. Erich put articles in both the St. Michael and St. Albert bulletins looking to connect men with our council. If you know of anybody who is interested in joining or has questions please put them in contact with one if the officers, thank you. Remember to keep an eye out for one another, help each other out and keep the faith! 

God Bless,

Andy Sipple

Grand Knight

Monday, September 7, 2020

September 2020 Bulletin: A Little Normalcy, an Easier Exemplification

Leader article from the September 2020 bulletin, online now.

September brings the start of school, church festivals, as well as other activities. We continue marching on through an unusual year with the coronavirus altering, postponing and/or canceling activities that had been held in previous years. We had our first in person council meeting in August and plan to have an in person council meeting for September at the St. Albert's parish hall starting at 7:00 pm on Thursday, September 3rd. Physical distancing will be practiced at the meeting.

John DeLander celebrated a 60 year wedding anniversary in August, quite an accomplishment, John! Looking forward to seeing you at the next council meeting if you are able to attend. With the Knight's regular calendar of activities being altered by the virus, our stellar deputy Grand Knight Erich Kunzman had a great idea - promote the new online exemplification to bring in new members. The plan is to provide information on how to access the online exemplification in the individual church bulletins as well as other paths to allow people who may be in joining our order the chance to do it in there home. The new exemplification is a way to join the Knights by viewing the ceremony online.

The next planned Knight's activity is the Pro-life Dinner in October. More information for the Pro-Life dinner will be sent out closer to the event. Remember to keep each other in prayer, help out those who need help and keep the faith!

God Bless,
Andy Sipple
Grand Knight