Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 2013 Bulletin:
What Makes Us Catholic?

Lead article from the November 2013 bulletin, online now!

Have you ever wondered what makes us Catholic? With all the happenings around the world today, do you ever second-guess your faith from time to time? I sometimes sit and think, “Am I living the Catholic life? Do I make the right decisions? Am I a good leader in my home?” … for my most important job is to help my family reach heaven. I can directly affect this by the choices I make and by leading by example.

As I look around this community, I see so many other great examples. We have six seminarians from this area, and if you dig deeper, you see that their fathers are Knights.

We have a great youth program at our churches, and when you see the children involved, most of their fathers are also Knights. You can see the positive influence that the fathers of these children have had on their lives.

Read "Nine Things That Make Us Catholic" by Thomas H. Groome, online at