Monday, October 3, 2016

October 2016 Bulletin: Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism

Lead article for the October 2016 bulletin, online now.

Do those words come to mind when you think about the Knights of Columbus?  Do you know how those four principles define and make up the history of the order? Do you realize that you are a member of an organization that has over 1.9 million members throughout the world?

Father McGivney had a vision over 134 years ago to create an organization that was desperately needed to protect Catholic men, their families, and their faith.  This was a time when hostilities towards Catholics were high, and men were dying from harsh working conditions or leaving the faith to find the protection they needed.

Well over a century later our faith is still under attack and our beliefs constantly being challenged or even taken away.  The Church can only do so much, so how can we help?  How about a Catholic organization with 1.9 million members who took a pledge to live as strong Catholic men and support our Church and community in any way we can?  If you are only a first degree member there is a lot of background and meaning in those principles that you haven't been exposed to yet.  We are part of a pretty amazing organization that has done unbelievable things throughout its history. 

This month we are putting on a 2nd and 3rd degree at our council meeting.  I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to learn more about the Knights of Columbus and what we stand for.

We haven't had a 2nd and 3rd degree for a few years so now is your chance to attend without having to travel!

2nd and 3rd Degree @ St Alberts Parish Center
Thursday October 6th
6-6:30 Registration
6:30 Ceremony Begins (no late arrivals accepted)

God Bless,
Joe VanHoorik
Grand Knight