Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 2013 Bulletin:
Tremendous Pro-Life Message

The pro-life message for the June 2013 bulletin was written for Mother’s Day by a parishioner of St. Michael Catholic Church, who agreed we could share it . Please pray for her, her unborn babies, and her family. — Pro-Life Director Jim Shovelain 

PRO-LIFE. Hey, guess what? Ever since I was very, very young, my mom taught me about something a child should never know, but it was real despite the atrocity, and we had to know about it in order to fight it. Abortion.

We fought by quietly praying. We fought by getting together every year to make Mother’s Day flowers/corsages to sell to raise money and awareness. We fought to...teach others who may not have known, or who may have been too scared to learn the TRUTH of what was happening when they were “terminating.” We spoke of it as it was: killing a baby. We fought to provide support for those who learned too late. We prayed for all of them. For the babies, the MILLIONS of babies and for the mothers who suffer in silence, in many cases.

And then, I grew up and had children of my own. And it shocked me that in this day and age still a mother, a MOTHER, could kill her own child. So I continued to fight and pray. And then one day, a few months ago, I learned that my two babies were in the same amniotic sac. And then another day I learned that one of my baby girls was missing a majority of her brain.

“Incompatible with LIFE,” they said. In other words, “your baby girl with anencephaly WILL ABSOLUTELY DIE and what’s more, uniquely, very uniquely, her being in there with her sister MAY KILL HER SISTER via cord entanglement.”

So they gave me options:

  1. “Terminate” your baby to give the other baby a better chance but no guarantee. 
  2.  Risk allowing them to continue to grow to term and deliver both, then kiss one goodbye shortly after she is born. 
Immediately I spoke of these “options” as:

  • KILL my baby, or 
  • Not kill my baby. 
I had no patience or tolerance for anything but the truth of what would take place. As you can see, there really was only one option, as my sister pointed out.

I saw them today, moving around like crazy, holding hands, playing, kicking the @#$% out of each other. It is HARD. HORRIBLE. EXCRUCIATING seeing them together knowing that they will never ever be together on Earth, save perhaps a few moments.

But guess what isn’t hard? Seeing her worth, seeing her value, understanding that she is a living human being who is apparently unaware that that her condition is incompatible with life. She is, for now, living. Just like millions of babies who right at this moment are being sent to slaughter for no “reason” at all.

This Mother’s Day, please join me in praying for an end to this evil. Pray that hearts and minds are changed. Pray for the babies and for God to forgive what we have become or have allowed to happen. Pray that others are strong enough to continue the fight.

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