Wednesday, December 28, 2016

January 2017 Bulletin:
The Value of Memories

Lead article from the January 2017 bulletin, online now!
This month our family drove down to Orlando for a week. Sandwiched in between 50-some hours of driving was a week filled with Disney World, swimming in the ocean, and maybe a few hours of actual vacation. We had been talking about taking this trip for years and knew that with our oldest leaving the house next year we needed to pull the trigger.
For those that have been there recently you know how expensive of a vacation this can be and it is really hard to justify spending that much money on a trip. We always think of the things we need (or think we need) and how that money could cover a remodel project we've been putting off too long or a down payment on a new vehicle or any number of other things on our list.
It's hard to quantify a trip because when you're home you don't have anything to show for it except some pictures and souvenirs. What we fail to quantify are the memories. When your kids are grown up and come home for Christmas you will probably not be talking about that basement remodel that's now ready to be refreshed or that rusty truck in the garage that is far from new. What you will talk about is that trip you took to Florida in 2016. You will talk about how miserable it was sitting in a van with 9 people hour after hour or the never-ending spectacle that is Disney.
As much as it seemed like a lot of work and stress for my wife and me, it's amazing how much the kids actually got out of it and so many things that they will never forget.  As 2016 winds down and you are spending the holidays with your family think about the memories you made this year and make a resolution to make some great ones next year.
God Bless, 
Grand Knight
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